birthday wish

I hope that this year will be full of all that makes you happy. In China with love.( 誕生日おめでとう。残念ながら出張中です。中国より愛を込めて。 ), Happy birthday. Happy Birthday, from your Best Friend! Copyright © 株式会社日比谷花壇 All Rights Reserved. Happy Birthday! They told us that we have to learn to grow old gracefully. Your birthday is an occasion for celebration, although extraordinary persons like you should be celebrated every day, not just once a year!

I have planned so many enjoyable activities, and I can’t wait to see your face light up when you look at what I have in store for you. Everywhere you go, you fill up the place with smiles. Life is great at any age. You, my faithful friend, definitely are one of them. It’s always a fresh start when you celebrate your birthday, forget the rest and focus on the best. Hey there! I’m so glad you were born. Take advantage of how things are so that one day you will take pride in telling how things were. If it takes more than one match to light your candles, it takes more than one breath to blow them out.

May a happy, bright star always light your path. May your birthday herald another year of significant successes and dreams fulfilled.

Let us be honest though, for you to be looking so hard to find the perfect birthday wish, or even some inspiration to sit down and write your own, that person must be of importance to you, otherwise, why go out of your way to find a wish, am I right? Happy birthday darling! I can only want for you what I wish every year- may you enjoy the good things in life. Happy Birthday!

On the off chance that you are composing a birthday card message for your loved ones, make a point to utilize one of these estimations to wish them well. I love you.( あなたとの幸せな未来を願っています。愛してるよ。 ), Happy birthday! Let your wings open and fly, you don’t have to be shy, trust me you are capable and don’t ask why, your happiness makes me cry.

Keep working hard, but not TOO hard or you’ll make yourself sick! Some people look old and feel young. Enjoy this day; you deserve it! You don’t have to feel sorry about it, these people still are a part of your life, and to be on good terms with them, makes everything easier. Celebrate the best-ever party today, but don’t forget to celebrate every day, along with the happiness that each day brings. Anyways I wish you a very happy birthday.

I look forward to making many more memories with you. You deserve a big celebration, and I’m making it happen. Blowing out another candle should mean that you have lived another year of joy and that you’ve made this world a better place. Happy birthday! Happy birthday buddy, I miss being to our old days! Love you! In the brightest day and the darkest night may you never change no matter what. Some people like us look young and feel young. A celebration isn’t complete without some reflection and introspection. Hope this special day to make some stories that you can’t tell.

Remember that a new beginning is always welcoming. I wish only one thing for you today. Love you!( 誕生日おめでとう!いつも気にかけてくれてありがとう。大好きだよ! ), Wishing your good health and happiness in life!( あなたのこれからの人生が、幸せで健康なものであるよう祈っています。 ), A Happy birthday!

Despite all of the advances in medicine, there is still no cure for the common birthday. May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. Happy birthday to my girl boss, my lady!

We want to provide you with the best life we can, no matter the cost. We grow old as time passes by, giving us the memories and experience to turn into the individual we dream to be.

Happy birthday to you, wishing you an amazing golf game and wine for your celebration. Happy birthday to my inspiration! Happy birthday to my dearest friend, you have always been there for me and I will always be there for you. I wish you more blessings in the year ahead.. and may you continue to grow each new day. Happy birthday to my world, love you mom! Don’t look for a heaven in the sky. Today is a turning point in your life, and you should be feeling proud of yourself like everyone else is proud of the person you have become. Please stay healthy and get all that you want. You always bring a sweet smile to my face! Take the time to look behind you; the clues to your future are in there. However, precisely because these wishes are so generic, you have to be very careful with your selection, or generally, with the words, you decide to use if you choose to use these as inspiration. Happy birthday, darling! May you have a great birthday, but may next year’s be twice as good. Moreover, correct me if I’m wrong, but most likely, someone you know is experiencing that feeling right now. And one day I find my soul mate on the road passing the street and this story has taken many years leap, it’s your birthday and I want a treat.

Party like it’s your 21st birthday.

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